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          Jan 262019

          Retrait de la reconnaissance accordée au comploteur et président auto-prolmé, Juan Guaido.

          Le Parti communiste du nada condamne la reconnaissance par le gouvernement nadien comme président ?légitime? du Venezuela, Juan Guaido, chef de l’opposition et président autoproclamé du pays; nous condamnons aussi le soutien du gouvernement nadien apporté aux états-Unis qui appelle ouvertement l’armée vénézuélienne à renverser le gouvernement légitimement élu par le peuple de Nicolas Maduro. Continue reading »

          Jan 242019

          Revoke recognition of Juan Guaido, Venezuelan coup plotter and self-proclaimed President!

          The Communist Party of nada condemns the nadian government’s recognition of Juan Guaido, leader of Venezuela’s opposition and self-proclaimed President of Venezuela, as the ‘legitimate’ President of Venezuela; and we condemn the nadian government’s endorsement of the US ll for the Venezuelan military to overthrow the popularly elected and legitimate government of Nicolas Maduro. Continue reading »

          Jan 202019

          The third annual Women’s Marches across North Ameri take place on January 19, and once again, millions will be in the streets. These marches are a powerful stand against gender inequality and misogyny, in direct response to the sharpening attacks against trade unions, women, Indigenous and racialized peoples, the LGBTQ2+ community and others targeted by Donald Trump’s regime and reaction in nada. The Women’s marches are also an important day to unite against the divisive attempts by fundamentalists and transphobic bigots to derail the struggle for a truly inclusive women’s movement. Continue reading »

          Dec 242018

          End Repression, Arbitrary Detentions and Arrests

          The Communist Party of nada today lled on Prime Minister Trudeau and Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland to demand the Sudanese government immediately release Masoud Ali, a member of the Sudanese Communist Party leadership kidnapped by Sudanese security forces yesterday (Dec 23rd), now “disappeared” and in grave danger of torture and death. Continue reading »

          Dec 212018

          The Communist party of nada demands the immediate release of Meng Wanzhou, an executive of the Huawei Corporation, who has been detained by the nadian government beuse of nadian toadying to the US government and its current trade war with China.

          The US government demand that nada hold her so that she n be extradited to the US on trumped up charges of illegal trade with Iran should be rejected and exposed by the nadian media on the basis of fact, not fabrition. Continue reading »

          Dec 172018

          Pour diffusion immédiate

          Montréal, le 14 décembre 2018

          Au cours de la mpagne électorale fédérale de 2015, les travailleurs de la Ville de Montréal ont enlevé les affiches électorales de BDS-Québec (comité de la Coalition pour la justice et la paix en Palestine) (BDS-Québec / CJPP) et du Parti communiste du nada (PcC) ?enfreignant ainsi la loi électorale du nada. BDS-Québec et PcC ont par la suite poursuivi la Ville de Montréal réclamant un dédommagement. La use a été entendue par l’Honorable Sylvie Lachapelle, juge à la Cour du Québec, en janvier 2018. Le jugement a été rendu le 26 novembre 2018. Continue reading »